Eyeful Strengthens Its Team At Every Step
March 2015
It's always a pleasure to announce new members of the team, but this time it's not 1, but 4 new people to introduce you to. So join us in welcoming Duncan – Presentation Consultant, Samantha – Story Board Developer, and Ed & Helen – Designers..... More
The Only Way Is The (IOD) Essex
February 2015
Eyeful MD Simon Morton is the guest speaker at the Institute of Directors, Essex Branch. The IOD, with over 30,000 members nationally is a professional organisation for business leaders – they encourage entrepreneurial activity and promote responsible business practice for the benefit of society as a whole. More
The Presentation Lab Gets A Winning Edge
January 2015
January saw The Presentation Lab given the Winning Edge, with a great article written by Journalist Marc Beishon.  The in-depth review summarised some of the books key points enabling the reader to really get a flavour of the book. To read the full article click here..
Another Member Joins The Eyeful Family
December 2014
We always get excited and want to share the good news about new talent here at Eyeful Towers... So with a very warm welcome, we would like to introduce our newest member of the Eyeful family Olivia Walsh.... More
The Search Is On
November 2014
Eyeful has worked very hard over the years to build its reputation as the experts at presentations and this is primarily because we only employ the best! We pride ourselves in the quality of service that we offer to our customers making sure that each Eyeful client feels special every time they come into contact with us and how do we do this? By our own special formula and we call it Eyefulocity..... More
European Team Grows
October 2014
We are delighted to announce the launch of Eyeful Germany. We are thrilled to welcome Thessa Roderig into the wonderful Eyeful family..... More
Inspiring Presenters to Aim Higher
September 2014
It’s now six months since The Presentation Lab: Learn the Formula Behind Powerful Presentations hit the bookshelves so we decided to have a look at the impact it’s making on how people plan, design and deliver their presentations. There are plenty of worthy tomes available to business presenters who want to improve their audience engagement so is The Presentation Lab holding its own out there?.... More
Eyeful Innovation makes an Impact
August 2014
July saw the launch of a whole raft of web updates designed to help business presenters find exactly what they are looking for on our .co.uk website. Sales Presentations, Technical Presentations, Internal Presentations, Event Presentations and CPD Presentations were all given their own dedicated pages but we’ve seen the most excited responses come for the addition of our Innovation Page.. More
New Web Updates Online Now
July 2014
This month we're excited to be launching a plethora of new pages on our .co.uk website. We spend so much of our time ensuring that our customers have the very best in business communications it's lovely to take the time to see how we can improve our own. We've added in some great new targeted content and we've given our designers a place to show off their latest innovations... More
Launching our Summer Season of free webinars
June 2014
As one of the top three presentation consultancy and design companies in the world, it's safe to say that we know a thing or two about business presentations. Getting the basics right is important for every presentation, but not all presentations are the same. That's why we're offering a programme of free webinars that get right to the heart of how different types of presentation can benefit from our specialist insights... More
Eyeful makes the grade – twice!
May 2014
Prezi have just published their list of the 'Top 100 Resources Every Presenter Should See' and we're really proud to say that Eyeful Presentations appears twice! Both our blog and The Presentation Lab book made the list, which is a singularly impressive who's who of presentation experts... More
The Presentation Lab Book - now available in the UK and Europe
April 2014
It seems a long time since The Presentation Lab book hit the shelves stateside (where it's already causing quite a stir). The book contains all you need to know to begin creating presentations that have real impact and getting your hands on a UK copy is easy... More
Join us for The Presentation Lab Launch Party
March 2014
31st of March is the official international launch of The Presentation Lab: Learn The Formula Behind Powerful Presentations fondly know by Eyefulites everywhere as The Presentation Lab Book. We will be hosting an online launch event at 16.00 UK time (11.00 EDT / 08.00 PDT) and we'd love you to join us. There'll be plenty of insider information available to attendees and getting your name on the guest list is easy... More
Launching Eyeful Extra
February 2014
Staying at the forefront of presentation consultancy and design isn't just about producing great presentations; it's also about giving our customers the best service possible. Our customers make us who we are and Eyeful Extra is our way of thanking them.. More
Eyeful Ireland Visits The Gulf
January 2014
January saw Eyeful Irelands Ronan Kinahan join some big names in Irish business and politics on an Irish trade mission to the Gulf. Ronan hosted a workshop for Emirates on ‘The Science Behind Effective Presentations. Initially there were to be about 100 attendees but it seems that Ronan’s reputation went before him and registration had to be closed when 400 pilots, engineers and senior managers enrolled...More

From extremely modest beginnings in a back bedroom in the UK 8 years ago, Eyeful Presentations has become a major force in the consultancy and design of B2B presentations across the globe.

It’s not something we take for granted.  We’re mighty proud of some of the wonderful companies and presenters we’ve had the privilege of supporting over the years.  From huge multinationals like Siemens, Microsoft and eBay through to small start-up businesses, we’ve enjoyed the creative process and worked hard to ensure that whenever an Eyeful customer steps up to present, they are equipped with the very best story and tools for the job. 

Over the last 8 years, we have created, developed, honed, buffed and polished our now well established Presentation Optimisation methodology to the point where it runs through the DNA of thousands of presentations.  

Indeed, there’s a good chance that at this very moment, an audience somewhere in the World is being wowed and engaged with a presentation that has gone through our Presentation Optimisation process, either “live” face-to-face, via the web or as a video on YouTube.

Click below to see our presentation optimisation process:

Along the way, we’ve learned a few lessons. 

Firstly, presentations are a global phenomenon.  All businesses in all cultures use them (with varying degrees of success!) and most presentations out there are not fit for purpose.

Secondly, presentations are a very personal thing.  Developing a presentation that can be delivered with real passion and commitment by a business person cannot be done “by numbers” – it needs to be “owned” by them.  As a result, our Presentation Optimisation process is an overtly inclusive process to ensure maximum comfort and, as a result, results from the whole process.

And finally, great slide design is important…but engaging and well structured messaging is critical.  A great story can rescue a bullet point strewn mess of a presentation but by the same token, fancy graphics cannot save an audience from a meandering storyline or unfocussed message.

Ultimately, our business is about ensuring your business delivers results:

So how are we supporting European companies in the fight against poor presentations?

We’re very serious about ensuring that businesses across Europe are equipped with the very best presentation tools available.  As such, we’ve invested in a few key areas to ensure the right support is available to you, wherever you might be.

Office Locations
In much the same way as many of our customers, our pan-European strategy is being driven from our Dutch officeSander Reijn and the team are on hand to support you and your business, wherever you may be. 

In addition, the Baltic States can be managed through our Russian office and the team headed by Kristina Sagneeva whilst our Irish customers are cared for by Ronan Kinahan and his team.


Multi-Language Support
We have partners who are ready and raring to support our Presentation Optimisation customers in a range of languages.  This means we’re on hand to support you from the initial management of story development through to the final tweaks and development of your slide design.

Regular Pan European Webinars
We believe that the best way to start the long overdue revolution in business presentations is to share best practice and demonstrate the impact of doing it correctly.  As such, we run a series of pan-European webinars covering all manner of topics. 

In short, Eyeful is ready for the challenge of taking European company presentations up to the next level.  The question is, are European businesses ready for Eyeful?!

To learn more, contact the team nearest to you and chat through where you want to take your presentation.  We’re ready for the challenge!

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