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July 2014

New Web Updates Online Now

This month we’re excited to be launching a plethora of new pages on our .co.uk website. We spend so much of our time ensuring that our customers have the very best in business communications it’s lovely to take the time to see how we can improve our own. We’ve added in some great new targeted content and we’ve given our designers a place to show off their latest innovations.

When, like us, you’ve got a lot to share it’s really tempting to try and share it all but we’ve dutifully taken a dose of our own medicine and turned our back on content cramming.

Under a new, sleeker, navigation we’ve included new style ‘all you need to know’ pages that focus on particular types of presentations, Sales & Marketing Presentations, Technical Presentations, Internal Presentations, CPD Presentations and Event Presentations now all get their own pages full of insight, information and examples.

And if there’s anything else you need to know you can always give us a ring, we love to talk presentations.

June 2014

Launching our Summer Season of free webinars

As one of the top three presentation consultancy and design companies in the world, it’s safe to say that we know a thing or two about business presentations. Getting the basics right is important for every presentation, but not all presentations are the same. That’s why we’re offering a programme of free webinars that get right to the heart of how different types of presentation can benefit from our specialist insights. More…

Sales & Marketing Presentations should be all about the call to action, but modern business is plagued by ‘no decision’ meetings. When a sales presentation loses its way it directly affects revenue streams, something that very few businesses can afford.

Join us on Thursday 3rd July at 12 noon (BST) to find out how to put the sell back into your sales and marketing presentations, click here to register.

Technical Presentations are always challenging because they tempt presenters into including every minutiae of detail, mostly because they think that’s what the audience will want. This creates presentations that fail to engage, meaning that most of that carefully collated information misses its target completely.
Join us on Wednesday 16th July at 12 noon (BST) to find out how understanding your audience and managing data can help you connect, click here to register.

Internal Presentations are often considered unworthy of attention, the audience is required to attend and is expecting very little (other than an email free half hour). The standard of internal comms influences how your people communicate to others both in terms of content and quality so skimping on effort here can have a huge knock on effect.
Join us on Thursday 17th July at 12 noon (BST) to find out why internal presentation matter and how they can add value to your business in ways you never expected, click here to register.

May 2014

Eyeful makes the grade – twice!

Prezi have just published their list of the ‘Top 100 Resources Every Presenter Should See’ and we’re really proud to say that Eyeful Presentations appears twice! Both our blog and The Presentation Lab book made the list, which is a singularly impressive who’s who of presentation experts.

The list has been compiled from popularity data and a panel of expert judges have also cast their eye over everything to ensure the quality of content. Sharing the list with some of the people that inspire us to keep pushing the boundaries of business presentations is a real honour and the fact that its peer judged makes it all the more lovely!

April 2014

The Presentation Lab Book - now available in the UK and Europe

It seems a long time since The Presentation Lab book hit the shelves stateside (where it’s already causing quite a stir). The book contains all you need to know to begin creating presentations that have real impact and getting your hands on a UK copy is easy.

Our US launch event was attended by the great and the good of the presentation world and for those of you who want to find out more before parting with your hard earned cash you can experience the whole thing here.

We’re also happy to let you in on a few insider secrets through our author information pack but there’s only so much we can give away, so if you’re interested in finding out more about how to create and deliver engaging presentations, there’s only one thing left to do. Simply click here to order your copy today.

March 2014

Join us for The Presentation Lab Launch Party

31st of March is the official international launch of The Presentation Lab: Learn The Formula Behind Powerful Presentations fondly know by Eyefulites everywhere as The Presentation Lab Book. We will be hosting an online launch event at 16.00 UK time (11.00 EDT / 08.00 PDT) and we’d love you to join us. There’ll be plenty of insider information available to attendees and getting your name on the guest list is easy.

We’ll be bringing together presentation experts and enthusiasts from around the world for a virtual tour de force of the Presentation Lab book. Industry experts will be sharing their thoughts on how the book will change the face of presentations and we’ll be taking you between the covers to find out just what that means for your business communications.

Everyone who registers to attend will also get free access to read the first chapter of the book without ever having to find a quiet corner of a bookshop.

We always welcome friends old and new to our events and this one will be particularly interesting for anyone who has ever felt in danger of ‘Death By PowerPoint’. Joining is easy and the event will also incorporate a twitter Q&A using the #preslabbook, simply click here to register.

February 2014

Launching Eyeful Extra

Staying at the forefront of presentation consultancy and design isn’t just about producing great presentations; it’s also about giving our customers the best service possible. Our customers make us who we are and Eyeful Extra is our way of thanking them.

From March 1st 2014 every presentation we produce will come with a delightful freebie, allowing our customers to get an extra helping of our presentation expertise and technical support in the three months following sign off. Whether it’s adding a new product into a sales presentation, amending images in an exhibition presentation or tweaking the text in a CPD presentation it’s all covered. And for those of you who love your presentation just the way it is and don’t need to take advantage of your extra allowance we’ll be sending out free Presentation Lab resource packs. For more information, check out our web page or talk to one of our project managers.

January 2014

Eyeful Ireland Visits The Gulf

January saw Eyeful Irelands Ronan Kinahan join some big names in Irish business and politics on an Irish trade mission to the Gulf. Ronan hosted a workshop for Emirates on ‘The Science Behind Effective Presentations’. Initially there were to be about 100 attendees but it seems that Ronan’s reputation went before him and registration had to be closed when 400 pilots, engineers and senior managers enrolled.

Ronan spoke to an enthusiastic audience about Vibe Integrated Presentation Skills Training Programme and went on to use some examples of how a little bit of Eyeful expertise can improve content and messaging to create much more than just slides. Presenting on how to present is a challenge that Ronan is more than fit to take on, championing Vibe and Eyeful with equal success and he’s already looking forward to a return visit.
December 2013

Eyeful Does It Again

This month we are once again giddy as a kipper to receive recognition for the work we do to make business presentations an invaluable part of the marketing mix with our inclusion in the Recommended Agency Registers Top 100. This list is open to all marketing services agencies outside the M25 and inclusion is based entirely on customer feedback.

Making the grade shows not only that our customers love us, but also that they're happy to tell the world. Standing out in a category that includes the whole gamut of marketing services is a huge achievement for a company that only does presentations... and it's one that we're really rather proud of.
November 2013

The Little Book of Big Ideas v2.0

A while ago we (almost accidentally) produced a non-corporate non-brochure that we called The Little Book of Big Ideas. We had great fun bringing together everything that makes us presentation experts and revealing some of our behind the scenes thinking. What really surprised us was the response the book received from our friends and customers – they loved it, so much so that our stock quickly dwindled and it was time to take on v2.0.

The sequel is always a tricky beast but fortunately for us we had lots more to share. Our trusted companion PowerPoint reprises its leading role and there are guest appearances from a myriad of presentation tools and technologies old and new. Not only that we’ve cunningly avoided any complicated timeline issues by focussing firmly on the future of business presentations. Getting your hands on a copy is easy simply click through this link and select your preferred format.

Eyefulapalooza Update – Thanks to everyone who joined us and to the great British weather for its kindness.  Everyone had a fabulous time and we raised £361.22 for The Alzheimer’s Society – see you all next year.
October 2013

And The Winner Is….

We make no apologies for the number of times we mention just how brilliant our people are. Having the very best presentation designers, coordinators and consultants in one place makes us very proud. Great people creating great presentations and delivering great customer service is what makes us industry leaders in business presentations and we’re not the only ones who think so.

This month sees us officially recognised as one of the Top 100 ‘innovative, disruptive and resourceful small businesses in the UK’ in the category ‘Best People Business’ by Smarta. To say we’re proud to be on the list is an understatement – we’re absolutely cock-a-hoop!
September 2013

Autumn Update Webinar

This month we’re excited to be using our presentation expertise to help our friends and customers get ready for the challenging year-end sales push. On September 30th Simon will be sharing some top tips on converting sales in an autumn update webinar.

Designed to help breathe new life into sales teams this webinar isn’t just about sales presentations. We’ll help you understand your audience better, reinvigorate your sales, explain why slides are out and stories are in and give you all the tips you’ll need to communicate effectively anytime, anyplace, anywhere. Registering is free, simply click here to find out more.
August 2013

Join Us At Our First Annual Eyefulapalooza

While well known for the serious businesses of producing world leading business presentations we also have a reputation for letting our hair down, so on the 21st of August we’ll be flinging open the doors of Eyeful Towers for our first annual Eyefulapalooza. We’re bringing the best bits of a school sports day to Desford with Welly Wanging, Egg and Spoon races and other assorted excuses to embrace our inner child.

Not only will we be running around but we’ve managed to arrange the appropriate amount of eating too and we’ll be making sure all athletes are properly fuelled (and rewarded) with a cake stall and a barbeque. All proceeds will be going to The Alzheimer’s Society and everyone is welcome to join in the fun simply drop us a line to find out more.
July 2013

Presentation Whistleblowers Unite...

The recent Leaking of NSA presentations has got us scratching our heads here at Eyeful Towers.
‘Poor Presentation causes International Incident’ is not a headline we ever expected to see, yet it’s actually happening…

Online Espionage aside we were wondering just how bad PowerPoint slides can be, and decided it was time to give a voice to all those who have suffered in silence.

So as Edward Snowden continues his search for exile in far flung corners of the globe we’re offering you the opportunity to whistle blow on poor presentation without incurring any airfares.

Simply click through this link and tell us about the worst presentation you’ve ever seen. You don’t have to name names if you don’t want to, we’re interested in the crime not the criminal. Just tell us what made the presentation so bad and we’ll try to set the world to rights on your behalf.

As if saving you the trouble of planning an escape route wasn’t enough, we’ll pick one of you out of the hat to receive some chocs and flowers as a thank-you.
June 2013

From Presentation to Pen to Paper

You’ve seen the website, received the newsletter, enjoyed the blog and pretty soon you’ll be able to read the book. Simon has been asked to try and trap his wit and wisdom on paper  - and has valiantly risen to the challenge.  Not content with squirreling himself away and just getting on with it, Simon’s giving everyone an ‘authors eye view’ of the process.

'The Presentation Lab: Learn The Formula Behind Powerful Presentations' is due out later this year. In true Eyeful style, (and as if the prospect of writing a book were not daunting enough), Simon is sharing the agony and ecstasy of the writing process with the world.  His dedicated blog and Twitter feeds will allow you to experience the kind of DVD extras not usually associated with book writing (somewhere along the way we may discover a reason for this...) - enjoy!

May 2013

Eyeful Labs are Go!!!!

Eyeful Labs has been a long time in the making, we’ve dreamt, sweated and blogged our way through the hard work and now it’s here. Eyeful Labs is about setting the agenda for the future of presentations. It’s not about what works for our customers now, it’s about what will work for them in 5 years time, how they will stay ahead of their competition and why it’s important that they do.

Eyeful Labs is like any other laboratory environment.  It’s where new ideas are conjured up, where they spark into life and where they are tested to breaking point.  Once we’re convinced we have identified the key to successful business presentations, we’ll share with the world…and great things will happen.

Eyeful labs has created a real buzz amongst our customers, creatives and consultants.  If you think that you have what it takes (simple curiosity will do) to stand at the front as we race towards the future of presentations, simply drop us a line.

April 2013

Simon takes on the ‘Dragons Den’

We’re always excited to be involved with the next generation of business people and an invitation to join Henley College’s Enterprise & Employability Week was one we couldn’t resist. Simon has been asked to do a ‘Double Dragon’ – tutoring the entrepreneurs on how to present before taking his place as a Dragon.

Working with students is always exciting, and having the chance to get them to think differently about presenting at the beginning of their careers is brilliant. Simon will be sharing his wit and wisdom on presentation success and in an unusual twist he’ll also get to see the fruit of his labours. Keep an eye on our blog to see how it all goes.

March 2013

Eyeful Featured in Microsoft Campaign

We’ve gained a bit of a worldwide reputation for being the presentation messaging and design experts but were surprised (nay, gobsmacked) when asked by Microsoft to contribute to the debate on business transparency and connectedness.  Despite our surprise, we welcomed the Microsoft film crew in with open arms (and nice biscuits) and told them our story

We were asked to contribute to the debate hosted on Business Reimagined (www.businessreimagined.org), a new forum and web community supported by Microsoft.  Here’s what we had to say:



We recommend popping along to the Business Reimagined site when you get a chance – some incredibly interesting points and discussions being raised…

March 2013

Speaking on CPD Presentations & Prezi

We’re delighted to have been asked to speak again at the latest RIBA CPD Providers forum.  This time around we were asked to offer our thoughts, experience and advice on the use of Prezi in CPD presentations.  We’ve been busy with this latest presentation tool recently so have lots to share!

We’ve been quite vocal in our opinion of Prezi, especially in the early days when it was positioned, somewhat naively, as “The PowerPoint Killer”. 

Time has moved on, the product has evolved and we’ve probably got a little more mellow...to the point where we’re now actively encouraging some customers to embrace it when the time and audience is right.

The upcoming RIBA event in Manchester is a great opportunity for us to share some of these experiences and opinions as well as further establish ourselves as the experts in CPD presentations.  We’re the only global presentation messaging and design company with a dedicated CPD consultant or pages and pages of content dedicated to it on our website. 

To find out more, click here.

February 2013

Further Growth Drives Further Investment in our Customer Experience

Our presentation project management team sits at the core of “Eyefulocity” (or the Eyeful experience), providing support, advice and the uncanny ability to keep many balls in the air at the same time. To help keep pace with our growth across the globe, we’re delighted to welcome the very lovely and talented Louise Cramp to the team.

Customer service is something Eyeful takes very seriously so investment in our presentation project management team was inevitable as we continue to grow.

One of the things we liked most about Louise (other than her experience in dealing with large and important projects) was her understanding of what makes Eyeful tick.  Here’s what she had to say:

"Project Management is in my blood; I love organising, planning and delivering tasks, whether its work related or planning our next adventure in the sun! I’ve spent quite a bit of time working in the hospitality sector, so I’m use to an ever changing, fast pace environment. From what I gather, I should be right at home at Eyeful! I always strive to exceed the customers’ expectations and work hard to achieve my goals. 

I’m really excited to be joining Eyeful. I feel very lucky to be joining such a fresh, progressive company I can’t wait to get stuck in!"

January 2013

Expert Presentation Consultancy & Design Arrives in Ireland

2013 kicked off in fine fettle for all at Eyeful as we announced the launch of Eyeful Ireland, the latest addition to the Eyeful global family.  We're delighted (and more than a little excited) to be bringing our renowned Presentation OptimisationTM methodology to the Emerald Isle.

Eyeful Ireland's Dublin office is headed up by Ronan Kinahan, a hugely experienced presentations consultant and trainer who has built a strong reputation over the last few years through his work with some of Ireland's largest companies.

"I'm delighted that Ronan has chosen to join the team as part of this exciting next chapter in Eyeful's growth", commented Eyeful's founder, Simon Morton. "He shares Eyeful’s passion, enthusiasm and drive to ensure that all customers, both from our long-standing Irish relationships as well as the new engagements we are in the process of building, are equipped with the very best presentation materials possible".

Ronan added, "It is incredibly exciting to be introducing this unique suite of business services to the Irish market. Eyeful's Presentation OptimisationTM methodology has proven to be incredibly effective in addressing the presentation issues that plague Irish companies every day".

Simon concluded: "Having worked with a variety of Irish companies for the last few years, we know that they understand the value of having great presentations as part of their sales collateral. We're excited to share our tried and tested methodologies and provide Irish businesses with the latest and greatest thinking in the presentation sector. We look forward, in a small way, to contributing to the next wave of Irish business success".

More information on Eyeful Ireland can be found at their website (or by attending one of the many events planned across Ireland over the next few months.

Full press release can be downloaded here.

December 2012

Eyeful Gets Over Excited About Christmas

Presentation design experts they might be…but they gang at Eyeful still get terribly excited about Christmas.   So much so that they’ve created a series of presentation gifts and insights to share with our chums over the festive period.

The grandly titled “12 (Working) Days of Christmas” was an idea concocted in the Eyeful studio over copious cups of coffee and mince pies.

“We wanted to share some of the excitement with our legion of blog readers”, says Head of Customer Engagement, Jo Fahey.  “So we pulled together a bunch of useful presentation tools and shortcuts.  These include videos on how to rid your presentation of bulletpoints through to a few examples of PowerPoint Christmas cards.”

More information can be found here.

Ho ho ho indeed…

November 2012

This is Moscow Calling

Russia is on the cusp of a presentation revolution…and Eyeful is playing it’s part in the process.  We’re delighted to have been asked to play our part in Beating Death by PowerPoint in Russia through a series of seminars and workshops.

Eyeful Russia is headed by Kristina Sagneeva who, in conjunction with Eyeful founder Simon Morton, has been sharing our Presentation Optimisation methodology with business leaders across Russia.

We seem to have made quite an impression with a 4 hour seminar in Kaliningrad being picked up by the local news:


October 2012

Eyeful Launches iPad Week

The iPad has been big news since it hit the shops in 2010. When it comes to mobile presentations it has been both a blessing and a curse.  In celebration of our partnership with SlideShark and the launch of the iPad Mini we’ve decided to dedicate a whole week of blogging to this enigmatic device.

For those of you who just can’t get enough of the iPad here’s what’s on the menu:

Monday 29th October - Launching Now - iPad Week at Eyeful with Andy Zimmerman
Tuesday 30th October - Is There A Mini Revolution Coming?
Wednesday 31st October - The Andy Zimmerman Interview Part Two
Thursday 1st November - Some Surprising iPad Statistics
Friday 2nd November - The Andy Zimmerman Interview Part Three

To stop, look and listen to any of these blogs, just click here.
October 2012

Presentation Optimisation in Action

We make no secret of our pride and enthusiasm when it comes to our Presentation Optimisation linked to process. We’ve told you how it works and many of you have seen it for yourselves. But why does it work so well and what exactly goes on behind the scenes?

After our first foray linked to  into video for our friends at Microsoft we decided to take the plunge and see what video could do for us. As presentation specialists we know how to communicate effectively in PowerPoint but video is another language so we called in the experts from ID2 Media to show us how it’s done. We’re really rather pleased with the result.

August 2012

PowerPoint 13 Webinar

PowerPoint 13 has recently been making waves throughout the presentation industry. You’ve read the blogs and seen the screenshots but here at Eyeful want to show you much, much, more. Join us on August 17th to see PowerPoint 13 in action....

Sometimes the only way to really get a look at something is to see it in action. Our resident übergeek Matt Roper is so excited by what PowerPoint 13 has to offer that he’s willing to share his enthusiasm in a webinar on Friday August 17th. Matt will be hosting the webinar at 12 noon and 17.00 (BST) allowing our friends and customers around the globe to join in. To sign up for this webinar just click on the time which suits you best.

July 2012

Simon Morton takes on Phileas Fogg

July has been a real reminder of what a force we are on the world stage. We have been asked to appear at events in three countries and Eyeful has popped up as the only UK based company in a list of the Global Top 15 presentation specialists.

Simon’s speaking calendar is filling rapidly, before the year is out he will be appearing at the Presenter Summit in Scottsdale, Arizona; the RIBA CPD London Forum and the (deep breath) International Congress of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, Exhibition of Innovations in Kaliningrad.

Eyeful has come a long way from Simon’s spare bedroom. We’re not the best self-promoters in the marketplace so we’ve made our mark by being really good at what we do and delivering the best of our expertise to our customers, every time.

June 2012

Head Office Marketing Team Grows

Here at Eyeful we have said before that our reputation is built on great people and that is why we are excited to welcome our latest recruit Rachel Page. Rachel joins the Business Development Team to work alongside Marketing and our Customer Champions …. Her mission (and she has accepted it) to rid the world of “Death by PowerPoint”

Although our sector is new to Rachel, she has quickly stepped up to the mark making contact with existing customers and potential new customers both on the phone and via a local networking session. Early concerns about her dislike of tea and coffee have been overlooked by her colleagues in light of her enthusiasm and professional attitude. Rachel’s next challenge is to start hosting Eyeful webinars to potential customers across the globe. So watch your screens or contact Rachel directly to see what we can do for your presentation… rpage@eyefulpresentations.com

May 2012

Microsoft Case Study Goes Live

Regular visitors amongst you will remember how excited our HQ team were when Microsoft sent in the film crew.  Well you’ll be pleased to hear that the cinematic fairies have finished working their magic and now the whole World can see us in all our glory.

It’s true that some of us wish we’d breathed in, smiled, put some lippy on or tried to look more intelligent but in the end we’re actually rather proud of the result. So join us on the red carpet and take a look

April 2012

Microsoft films Eyeful

Strange days here at Eyeful Towers. Our friends from Microsoft recently visited Desford HQ with an entire film crew. Everybody wants to feature Microsoft in a case study but when Microsoft does a case study they want to feature Eyeful Presentations.

It all started with a series of podcasts that we recorded for our friends The CRM Business which got Microsoft rather excited about what we do and how we do it and got us chatting with some lovely people at Microsoft who had an idea. With a level of excitement that almost out-enthused the Eyeful norm Microsoft wondered if they could send in a film crew. So we brushed our hair, tidied our desks and waited for the clapperboard. As soon as the final cut is ready for premiere we’ll let you know.

April 2012

PowerPoint Perestroika

Eyeful Presentations has always had a reputation for breaking new ground in presentation tools, technology and methodology but we’ve recently ventured onto new ground geographically as well.

Eyeful Russia www.eyefulpresentations.ru is the latest addition to our growing international family. Russia is an amazing place with a forward thinking business community that is always looking for the best products and services the world can offer. Based in Kaliningrad and lead by Kristina Sagneeva our Russian office is really excited to be leading the way when it comes to presentations. Introducing our Presentation OptimisationTM methodology into a nascent market is just the kind of challenge that gets us fired up and just two weeks after launching we’ve got a level of interest that we know will keep us very busy as well.

March 2012

Eyeful extends office hours

As a leading presentation design and consultancy business, the gang here at Eyeful are always looking for ways to improve our customer service. We’re proud to be a truly international business and know that 9 to 5 just doesn’t cut the mustard any more.  As such, we’ve decided to extend our office hours….

After a successful trial of extended head office hours we’re excited to announce it as a permanent feature. Our customers can now contact us directly between 08.30 and 19.00 (GMT) Monday to Friday.

Don’t panic, we haven’t chained our people to their desks and denied them sun light; we now have two shifts - enabling everyone to continue with their lives. This has been a great bonus to many of our international customers and colleagues and has also had the bizarre side effect of increasing staff fitness levels (apparently the gym is a morning thing)!

Our customers can now submit amends until 18.00 GMT for completion the same working day (within reason please, we are only human after all). The customer response so far has been excellent and we’re really chuffed that it’s made such a difference.
February 2012

Please hold the line….

Having already established a reputation for breaking the mould when it comes to Presentation Consultancy and PowerPoint Design, we’ve decided to right wrongs in another area that causes us pain…Hold Music.

Firmly filed under the heading ‘necessary evil’, we set out to make the hold experience as painless as possible. With this in mind we decided to use it to advertise our greatest asset – our people.

Every month the music is chosen by someone different and the voiceover, courtesy of our sister company Earful Productions, gives you a bit of info about the ‘who and why’. We thought it was a good idea, something a bit different and a great way to introduce the people that make Eyeful what it is.

However after a couple of months it seems we were wrong. According to our customers it’s a great idea…brilliant to the point of plagiarism in fact. And we’ve only got one thing to say to those who want to copy us on this, ‘go ahead – we’re happy to inspire and good luck’.

After all they might put us on hold one day!
February 2012

New Eyeful Consultant

At Eyeful we know that our reputation is built on our people. When it comes to Presentation Consultants our standards are eye wateringly high. We’re always excited to find someone who shares our passion for sales presentations so we’re delighted to welcome Stephen Newman to the Eyeful family.

Stephen brings a wealth of sales experience coupled with a real passion for customer service which.  He sums up this ‘minor obsession’ very simply; “I like to think that I’m in partnership with my customers, it’s not about selling and walking away - it’s about giving them the added value – being an extra member of their team”.

Stephen also shares our frustration at a little thing we like to call The Presentation Paradox - further cementing his Eyeful credentials. Stephen’s background is as an accredited consultant at Miller Heiman…so he knows what he’s talking about!.

January 2012

The Little Book that's making a big impact

Widely recognised as experts in engaging Presentation Design and considered by many (great and learned) people to be the ‘go to’ company for PowerPoint Presentations. Eyeful Presentations have made an impact in an unexpected area.

At the end of 2011 we launched our Little Book of Big Ideas. The Little Book started life as an internal annual review piece and grew and grew. The more we wrote the more excited we got and we quickly had something that we wanted to share with the World. So we released them into the ether hoping that they would showcase our presentation prowess and bring in new business.

What we weren’t expecting was that this would be in any area other than presentations. To our great surprise we have been asked by two of our customers to produce concepts and design ideas for their own versions of the Little Book. What this proves is that compelling stories, supported by excellent design will communicate and inspire, whatever the medium.

January 2012

Presentation experts grow and grow

The last few months have seen almost phenomenal growth by Eyeful Presentations. As our reputation as PowerPoint and Presentation experts has grown so have we – welcoming additional talent in design, consultation and project management.  This gives us everything we need to take our Presentation Optimisation methodology onward and upward in 2012

We’ve increased our body count at head office by almost 50% and our consultancy team has also expanded because we know that to maintain our reputation for groundbreaking presentations we need the best people on board. With more people comes the need for better systems – so we’ve also had an IT overhaul which has taken us through some very interesting times!

Our new website is live and the feedback so far has been excellent, now we’re working hard to make sure that our printed collateral and marketing suite is matching our new look and feel. It’s all about ensuring that we’re benefitting from the high level presentation and design skills that we usually lavish on our customers. This had an exciting start with the launch of our Little Book of Big Ideas which is our antithesis to the corporate brochure and is raising comment wherever it appears – click here to get one for yourself.

We’re starting 2012 fitter and faster than we’ve ever been and are already getting our (ever smiling) teeth stuck in to some seriously grown up stuff. If you think you can keep pace with us just watch this space.

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