Presentation Optimisation™

Breaking news - delivering a powerful presentation is more than simply strolling into a boardroom armed with some fancy looking PowerPoint slides.

To achieve connection, attention and information retention from your audience takes much more…and we call it Presentation Optimisation™.

This is not our way of calling a spade a ‘tempered metallic leverage and redistribution device’ - this is a proven way of getting the best from your presentation.

We use this process because, like all the best ideas, it works.

So it’s time to kiss goodbye to Death by PowerPoint and give a big welcoming hug to your optimised presentation using our three steps to presentation heaven.

Stories work because people remember them, fairy tales, nursery rhymes and song lyrics are retained for decades. It’s about combining crisp content with a carefully considered message and then bringing it to life with a story structure that really resonates. Visual presentations work better than wordy ones.  Your audiences are unlikely to remember a blizzard of bullet points but have an uncanny ability to recall images and visuals for weeks (we have the research to prove it too), but it’s about more than just slapping lots of stock images or clip art onto a slide. A successful presentation has another key element which is often overlooked – the people. We can enhance your in-house expertise, behind the scenes and in front of the audience, ensuring that every single presentation is as good as it possibly can be.

Creating a compelling and informative story isn’t easy... which is why we created our Presentation Optimisation™ methodology.

Like all good stories it all starts with blank paper and a pen. Then we meet (your place or ours - we’re very relaxed), to learn your aims and objectives and pepper them liberally with our expertise and creativity to create your storyflow. The storyflow is the chapter headings and outline content of your new presentation – choc-a-block with inspiration and insight…and the perfect springboard to creating your presentation storyboard.

The storyboard is a hand-drawn version of your new presentation combining your carefully considered content with the very best in visualisation techniques -  these are the ‘scribbles’ that our designers bring to life.

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A brilliant story can confuse if not supported by the right visuals whilst too many visuals will drown out the message. Our designers are presentation experts they have the skills and knowledge to ensure that your presentation has a lasting impact on your audience.

Our designers have seen it all (and not recovered from some of it) - every day they produce presentations that make us go ‘wow’. If it still excites and engages us when it’s the ten thousandth presentation we’ve seen, then its impact on your audience is assured.

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We provide training in Basic and Advanced PowerPoint, Structuring your Presentation and Presenter Skills. We never ‘lock’ our presentations and we are happy to train your staff to update what we produce for you. We don’t believe in trade secrets and will share our expertise to whatever level best suits your business and your people.

Our presentation structure training will give you a better understanding of our Presentation Optimisation™ methodology, helping you to manage and develop presentation content in house.

Presenting is a skill that can be taught and teaching it is never a waste of resources. Think of your presentation as the most exquisite gateau ever baked – unctuous with fresh fruit and cream. Your presenter can either serve it to your audience delicately in beautifully served, digestible, portions or drop it whole into their lap and hope for the best.

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